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Ethical Policy, keeping our good name.

PH Wedding Rings operates fair trading principles across its broad range of transactions. These include positive relationships with employees, customers and suppliers alike. We also would expect to have our goodwill reciprocated. Environmental considerations play an important role in our makeup Amongst the many list of principles we adopt follows what we consider the most important.

1. Bullion Purchases:
We only buy from sources who endorse a fair mining policy, ie not buying from regions where miners are exploited. We do not buy in scrap gold to refine, and our rings are made only from bullion supplied by LBMA Members.

2. Diamond Purchases:
Our suppliers warrant that our diamonds are only sourced from non-conflict regions of the globe, and we distance ourselves from those who deal in conflict gems.

3. Health and Safety:
We operate a rigorous due diligence policy in care for our employees, regarding all potential hazards within the workplace to ensure our safety is not compromised.

4. Protecting Our Environment:
A recycling programme is now in operation within our premises. Minimizing the effect of our business on the environment is something we take seriously, and continue to improve on.

5. Jewellery Directives:
We agree to adhere to best policy directives endorsed by the British Jewellers Association.

6. Commitment and Promise:
We try (wherever humanly possible) at all times to fulfill our part of the bargain regarding delivery dates. Keeping our word and honor of a promise is our obligation and duty.